Friday, April 11, 2014

Clumsy Crafting: Shoe Redo

And now, for another edition of clumsy crafting! Other clumsy crafts have happened on frames, circle scarves and key boxes, and envelopes.

Once upon a time, (literally, only one time) I went to a golf course. Oh wait, technically I worked at a country club one summer and there was a golf course there. But this was the one and only time I actually set foot on the green. How'd I do, you ask? Well, I wasn't even golfing, I was staffing a fundraiser.

Since I was a total golf newbie and had no idea what to wear my friend LJ and I decided to invest in golf outfits so we donned polo shirts and khaki shorts then headed to Target and bought matching $8 white tennis shoes. We spent the day calling one another Victoria and Veronica and speaking in British accents. Obviously that's what golfers do.

Anyway, a few years later and those shoes have spent way more time in the back of my closet than on my feet. Part of my spring fever has involved cleaning, sorting and getting rid of junk! When I came across these old shoes it was either update and change or pitch.

I found this tutorial on Pinterest and used it almost exactly. The Hobby Lobby staff didn't know what crochet tape was so I just bought a normal spool of lace which was only $1 and worked perfectly. I struggled to get the soles out so I just left them in. They aren't as cute but I figure when my feet are in the shoes you can't see them anyway. Mine are also quite a bit darker than hers but I wanted them to hide the dirt a little better.

Basically all you do is remove the laces, boil a huge pot of plain black tea, let the shoes steep for about 15-20 minutes, rinse, dry, throw in the washer and then thread lace instead of shoelaces.

This was surprisingly a really, really easy project for a pretty awesome result! I wore them today to work and they were the perfect spring shoe. It's good to get those creative juices flowing!

What do you think? Would you ever boil your shoes in tea? Would you consider drinking the tea after the shoes had been in it? Yeah... me neither...

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