Sunday, April 14, 2013

Clumsy Crafting: Circle Scarf & Key Box

If you read my envelopes post  or know me, you know that I'm not a huge believer in perfect straight lines or measurements. In cooking I subscribe to the pinch of this, smidge of that philosophy and my tape measure skills are sub par at best. Luckily, I married an analytic man who is infinitely patient and very exact so he makes up for my mishaps.

This week has been one of the most emotionally draining and challenging of my life. In between grieving, mourning the loss of a friend, assisting with funeral preparations, processing and thinking about how to respond and working through a very busy season in my camp life, I needed to do something concrete, light and relaxing.

Enter clumsy crafting! I kind of went easy project crazy this week. There is something very satisfying in starting and completing a project and having something to show for it.

So drumroll please...

Project #1: Jersey Circle Scarf 

I didn't document this because it was supposed to be a half hour project. Rule number one of being a clumsy crafter: it will always take longer than they say. Just keep that in mind. 

But here's how it goes- buy 2 yards of jersey knit material from Walmart clearance section. Or a nicer store if you're one of those fancy people. Fold in half "hot dog style" inside out. (Please tell me you remember learning this in kindergarten? It was right between the tying your shoes lesson and singing 'Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?') Sew, flip right side out, tuck one end inside the other and sew into a huge circle. 

I would be more specific but to be completely honest I messed it up myself and the first time I tried to put my scarf over my head I realized I had created a giant pillowcase. I walked into the living room with it over my face and my husband burst out laughing and then graciously helped me rip out the stitches and start over. Just read this tutorial like I did and don't lose heart! If I could do, you can totally do this!!  

Project #2: Key Shadow Box

This project is brought to you by the Bed, Bath and Beyond clearance section. Are you sensing a pattern here? It's called C-H-E-A-P.

For $10 I snagged this key shadow box. A few of the keys had fallen and the background was pretty scraped up.

With a little elbow grease I used a variety of tools (some conventional and some less so) to pry the back off and remove the rest of the keys.

And clumsy crafting moment of the project...

Broke 2 keys in the process. Womp womp. Woops. Nothing my trusty hot glue gun couldn't handle!

After putting the keys back together I slapped a little black paint on the original cardboard square, cut a piece of burlap and attached it with spray adhesive and then glued the keys back on. I pounded the back in place and hung it on the wall. Voila!! Quick, easy and oh-so-cute.

There were 2 other projects but we'll save those for another time, shall we?

Moral of the story, go do something creative! Take a risk, use your hands and make something good. Write a letter, sing a song, do a craft, plant a garden, cook something delicious and extravagant. It may be clumsy, it may not be perfect but God's given all of us our own brand of creativity. Have you tried anything new lately? I'd love to hear about your successful and not so successful projects!

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  1. You are craft fabulous! Well done! Both are super cute.