Friday, April 25, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Friend

Deep and wide. Deep or wide.

I'd say I have rotating friends syndrome. Growing up at camp meant that friends entered in for a season, you grew close, shared life and developed bonds only to watch them leave and go back to their "real life" each year.

And I did the same. I said goodbye to my school friends for the summer to focus on my camp friends and then rotated back when the leaves turned and I traded flipflops and swimming pools for desks and books.

So I've been a wide friend, but not necessarily a deep friend.

I know a lot of people and a lot of people know me, but do many know me deeply?

Friendship has always been seasonal. I'm working to break the cycle.

There's the friend who has known me since sandbox days and the only one to earn the "best friend" title. Now we live 3 states apart and talk once, maybe twice a day but when we do it's sweet. We literally pick back up where we left off and our conversations have grown deeper over the years. Our history binds us together.

College brought me deep friends. Each year we retreat and try to keep in touch in the in-between. They are my people and I don't want to rotate out.

After college friends are hard. I think it's worth it so I'm doing things and putting myself out there. Watching tv shows that may not normally be my choice, attending parties and trying activities, sending text messages, cards and offering up meals, prayers and laughs. There's risk and there may hurt, but there's also reward.

So now I'm redefining my friend-style. 

I will be DEEP, diving into the pain, the heartache, asking the questions and really listening.

I will be WIDE, inclusive of others, willing to open my arms and my heart to possibilities.

I will be SEASONAL, standing by my friends through whatever season they be journeying through and inviting them into my season.

Five Minute Friday 

Joining in on the Five Minute Friday link up with Lisa-Jo Baker and also shouting out to Katie, a great friend who has stuck by me through many seasons and has gone into the depths. Go visit her, too, would you? post signature


  1. After college friends are true. My friends are spread out all over and there are times I miss them so much I can feel it in my toes. Deep friends are so important for the soul.

  2. Oh, I love this -- deep and wide and seasonal. What a beautiful tribute to the nature of friendship.

  3. LoraleeLandersDruartApril 27, 2014 at 4:19 PM

    Deep-Wide-Seasonal...What an interesting way to look at friendship! Love it!

  4. Thanks, Jen. Crazy what can come to you in 5 minutes! This topic went a little deeper than I expected :)

  5. In my toes... I hear you, girl! So, so thankful for this crazy technology stuff!

  6. Love this idea and the thought that it's okay to have all three - I know i certainly do!

  7. I love that every friendship is unique!