Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mountain Bike Romance

Tonight, I romanced my husband. Threw caution to the wind. Went on an adventure. Took a risk. Said yes. It didn't cost me anything and I didn't even have to dress up or cook.

It'd been a long day when he looked at me and said, "Want to go mountain biking tonight?" He smiled but he had that look. He didn't think I'd say yes. He really wanted me too, he was hoping I would but not expecting it.


Was that my voice? Where did that come from? Mountain biking? Are you kidding me?

"Can I wear a helmet?"

That voice again! What am I saying?!

He was surprised and excited so off we went. Me in my black leggings and ridiculous white socks, he in his mountain biking gloves and shoes.  He said I looked cute, he kissed my helmet head. He's a good man. 

We rode the trails. Up and down, around and even over a few times. There was a little more bumping and jostling than I'd like and it may be hard to sit down tomorrow but it was fun. Except for when the hills went up... I walked those.

20 minutes later I saw our car and I couldn't believe it was over.

And then that voice again, my voice again.

"That was fun, I would do that again."

And we will. Because for a quick adventure and a free date night, it was a pretty good time. I felt adventurous, I felt daring. My lungs were stretched and my cheeks windburned. I am proud of myself.

Maybe when I'm serving him, it's really serving me. Maybe when I'm romancing my husband and saying yes God is showing me what laying down one self is. Maybe this isn't just mountain biking, maybe this is learning to be a little more selfless. 

That was fun. I would do that again.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Goodbye Sweet Summer

Sometimes I forget to enjoy June and July.

When 40 college students and 200 kids are looking to you that tends to happen.

But August and September... those are my months!

As the days get shorter and night comes quicker, as the leaves start changing and I'm more likely to grab hot chocolate than cold lemonade I try to capture those last few summer moments.

A bike trip to watch the sunset. 

Climbing the sand dunes to watch the dune buggies say goodnight.

Breakfast on the porch and quiet time by the lake.

Fresh tomatoes, peaches and summer fruit picked by hand. 

Soon it will be fall. And I will be so happy. Bring it on Pumpkin Spice Latte! (Actually, it's already been broughten. Twice.)

But for now I'll grab those last few summer rays. Thanks, summer, it's been a good one.