Sunday, May 5, 2013

Clumsy Crafting: Spray Painted Frames

"Thrifting" is not my thing. My sister enters Goodwill and emerges with 2 armfuls of clothes, brand new shoes and adorable purses. I usually find... nothing. I don't love digging through racks or feeling the thrill of a good find so it was really a labor of love when I let my sister drag me into Goodwill on (gasp!) half-off Saturday.

It was c-r-a-z-y. I mean wall-to-wall bargain shoppers elbowing and nudging for that $1 top. 

Sure enough, my sister bought about 10 things (including 2 adorable sundresses that I was majorly crushing on) and I bought three hideous and heavy gold mirrors for a total of $4. Bam! 

After a good washing I cut up cardboard and taped it over the mirrors covering the glass. With a trusty can of white spray paint I headed outside and sprayed away! 

The white didn't cover perfectly and I probably could've added another layer but I liked the weathered look of the gold showing through just a little. After a slight drying period I removed the cardboard and... VOILA! 

The mirrors now hang on the wall of our bathroom that has been blank for the almost 3 years that I've lived here. We just painted the mint color a few weeks ago and it was time for some sprucing up! I've been on the hunt for the right decoration for a while and apparently it took getting over my thrift-phobia and a good old can of spray paint to figure it out. 

Clumsy moment of this craft: apparently I did too good of a job taping up the frames because I somehow managed to get cardboard stuck between the mirror and frame in a few places. After using a toothpick, knife blade and exacto knife I still couldn't get it out so if you ever come use my bathroom, don't look too carefully around the edges! 

I must admit I feel a little spray paint crazy wondering what else I can turn colors with the press of a finger. Lamp bases, figurines, picture frames, plastic chairs watch out! I'm coming for you with my trigger-happy finger. Prepare to be painted! 

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