Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Girl's Weekend

Freshman year of college was rough for a whole host of reasons. Over the summer I spent a lot of time thinking, praying and planning changes. Sophomore year started totally differently when a new group on campus started up, Campus Crusade for Christ. I jumped right in and as they say, the rest is history! For me cru was all about people, lots of them. We had the most incredible community and 4 years later, the bonds are strong.

Last weekend I got together with my college girlfriends, 10 of them. We've made a pact, every fall we take a weekend away, whoever can and reconnect. The first year we went to Chicago, the second to Traverse City and this year to Muskegon. 

We laughed, talked, danced to 90's boy band music, ate a ton of food, walked on the beach, painted nails, shared hopes and dreams and stories of life. These girls know me, get me, love me. 
Over the years our conversations have changed slightly. Before we talked about homework and test assignments, internships, job hunts, and boyfriends. Now we still talk about boyfriends but it's also husbands, marriage, parenting, health insurance, home ownership, breast feeding, jobs and promotions.

Right before the weekend I read this post  about having wild and free relationships that speak to your soul, encourage and exhort you. That's what I want, therefore that's what I want to be.

I hope that in 20 years when we're talking about retirement, menopause, adult children and I don't even know what we'll be talking about then that our friendships are still real, strong, wild and free. It's worth it. People are worth it.

Do you have wild and free friends? How do you invest and grow together?

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