Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Canoes And The Sunrise

A whole weekend stretched ahead of us. We aren't quite used to those yet, stretching back to 2 days off instead of 1.

I wanted adventure, I wanted excitement, I wanted memorable but what I had was my home and my limited budget.

So at 6:20am on Saturday (crazy, I tell ya!) we woke up. Sleepy-eyed and tousled hair we packed a thermos of hot coffee and some blueberry muffins and headed to the water in our sweatpants and flannel shirts. It was still dark as we pulled our canoe off the racks and loaded in lifejackets, blankets and our supplies. Paddles to the water breaking the smooth calm of the lake as we traveled.

It got lighter and lighter and we talked, laughed and ate our muffins and coffee. We only brought one cup and passing it back and forth in the canoe made us wobble and giggle. There were threats and maybe even a little splashing. And then, the sunrise. The first that hubby has ever intentionally watched.

The moment wasn't as magical as I'd hoped, until we paddled beyond the break of the trees. And then it was magic and majestic all at once. My God makes good things. There's just something about being there when God wakes up his earth and says today is a new day and it is a gift for you.

We paddled back to shore and got home just as our neighborhood was beginning to stir. I crawled back into the warm covers for a morning nap, just as the rain began to fall. And that too was magic and majestic.

I'm probably not going to make sunrises a habit but next time I'm lacking wonder and need a reminder of who He is I may just pull my weary head up and look to the morning sky.

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