Wednesday, March 13, 2013

About Me & Cake

Today I played around in picmonkey and came up with my new "About Me" page. I tend to be wordy but this was a fun way to be creative and still get across my personality and little of who I am. Slide that little mouse up... little more... little more... and check it out! And if you haven't used picmonkey, check that out, too! 

In other news, we've had ANOTHER layer of snow. Really, Michigan? You couldn't give us snow in January when I was desperately praying for it but now in March when I'm ready to be done you give us more? Sigh. Luckily last night I got together with some other camp ladies for a cake decorating lesson and made this little pretty. Can you tell where my mind is? Bring on the sunshine and flowers, I'm ready! 

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