Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pay It Forward

This morning on the radio I heard a story of 50 people choosing to "pay it forward" at Starbucks. It all started with one person who offered to pay for the car behind them and just kept going from there.

I love this story because 1) I love Starbucks, 2) I love the mystery of it all, 3) It restores my faith in humanity, just a little bit.

Did the first person ever even know what they started?

Did order #30 know they were a part of something so big?

Did the last person who ended the cycle know what they had done?

We're all a part of a story bigger than our own and God is the author and creator, the perfecter of our faith.

This holiday season I'm so thankful to be a part of what He is doing and that my life is just one in a string of pay it forwards.

Do you know you're a part of the story, too?

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