Monday, May 5, 2014

Pool Table Date

One of the best things about being married with no kids is being able to go and do fun things at the drop of a hat. Bike ride to the lake? Hop on and ride! Dinner at a restaurant? Get in the car and let's go. Late night tv session with friends? No problem. Weekend trips and vacations? Yes, please!

With any good thing it's easy to take it for granted. While we spend a lot of time together, my husband and I aren't always great as being intentional with that time or having fun and dating each other. Most of the time we end up running errands, grocery shopping and it's just another day.

That's why in April I made it a goal to have an intentional date night. Since it was a goal obviously I waited until almost the last day of the month to make it happen but happen it did!

The only preparation I really had to do was stop at the grocery store and pick up a few special treats- red vines and pop. I was going to go for Fanta which reminds us of our Mexico vacation then I saw these crush glass bottles and what's a great date without a cheesy, 'I've got a crush on you' pun?

With scissors, construction paper and a sharpie I made a pool ball card inviting my hubby to a game of pool that night. Since we live at camp we have a game room with a pool table in it so it was pretty easy. I know a lot of churches, youth centers and people's basements with pool tables. If you get creative I'm sure you can find one! If not, you can come use mine!

Neither of us are great (or even very good) but we played 2 games and laughed a lot. It was fun, quick, low-maintenance and just a little competitive. An hour and a half later we walked home holding hands, laughing and feeling just a little more connected than earlier that evening.

If you really wanted to make this date even more special you could add a dinner of "pool hall" food and watch tutorials or read articles on pool table tricks and skills. It'd also be fun to play pool variations or make it a whole arcade evening. How fun would it be to keep a running tally of who won the most games? For $3 this was a great evening.

What have you tried for date nights? Would you give a pool table date a try?

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