Thursday, March 27, 2014

Life Lately

The biggest thing going on in my world right now is that I'm 4 teeth less wise! Tuesday morning I went in for oral surgery and got all 4 wisdom teeth out. Maybe I'll write a post on surviving the recovery but for now I'm pretty laid up on the couch with soft foods and ice packs all around so I thought I'd share a little insight on what else is new.

Eating: Smoothies, milkshakes, jello and pudding! Winning recipes have included the Mango Avocado Spinach Smoothie  and French Toast Protein Shake. 

Listening: Podcasts! I especially like listening while getting ready in the morning and driving. My favorite is the Relevant podcast, also on my playlist are NPR's Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me and the Bobby Bones Show.

Reading: Still doing the Word In, Word Out project and just read the story of Gideon. For kicks and giggles 'Second Thyme Around' by Katie Fforde, a British chick-lit novel. Nice and easy.

Hoping: For the longest winter in the history of my life to END! Three weeks ago I said I'd stop complaining but man oh man has it ever been hard! Just this morning (March 26) we woke up to 2 inches of fresh snow! I need grass, spring, flowers, sunshine! At this point I would even take mud. Not complaining. Kinda. Maybe a little. Ok, done now.

Watching: Parenthood! I got a Netflix subscription to help me make it through this wisdom teeth ordeal and I'm almost done with season 3.

Planning: Memorial Day camping trip with our buddies and Thanksgiving trip to North Carolina! Having things to look forward to is good for my spirits.

Thankful For: The chance to go and celebrate a baby shower with my college girlfriends last weekend. We may only get together a couple times a year but each time we pick up like it's only been a day and I laugh so hard I cry.

What's going on in your life lately?

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